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Barr & Clark was founded in 1992 on one basic premise: provide professional environmental consulting services at a fair and reasonable price. Today’s property owners and managers are impacted with an ever-increasing number of environmental regulatory requirements in the day-to-day management of their assets. Barr & Clark offers affordable and practical alternatives to comply with these regulations and requirements.

Barr & Clark is recognized by its peers as a leader in performing Lead-Based Paint Inspections, Asbestos Containing Materials Surveys, and Phase I Reports. If your project requires an abatement specification, project design, monitoring, clearance testing, or overall project management, our qualified staff is prepared to meet any of your environmental needs. Clients from over 25,000 projects have included airport facilities, military bases, financial institutions, health departments, housing authorities, correctional facilities, manufacturing plants, renovation/abatement contractors, large apartment complexes, property management companies, and private homeowners. Barr & Clark offers its clients comprehensive and integrated environmental consulting services.

Barr & Clark specializes in providing these services in an integrated manner when construction or other events are in progress. It is recognized that the environmental project is often just one of many priorities for the building owner. Whether the other priorities are construction, a loan, or government-assisted funding, the environmental project will always be catered to meet the needs of the client.

Since 1992, Barr & Clark has gained extensive experience in working with numerous governmental agencies and their respective regulations. These agencies include CAL/OSHA (DOSH), EPA, CAL/EPA, HUD, DTSC, SCAQMD, and DHS. These regulatory agencies each have their own perspective, priorities, and requirements (in some cases, several agencies’ requirements may be in conflict with each other). Every environmentally impacted project will involve at least one or more of these agencies. Barr & Clark is known by the key personnel in these agencies and has maintained a positive relationship based on past experiences and mutual cooperation. Knowing the regulations and the regulators can avoid unanticipated delays and expenses on a project.

Barr & Clark’s consulting services are designed to facilitate decision-making. Our client’s time factors, budget constraints, and overall plan for the property will be considered. Barr & Clark is proud of its “on time and no surprises” completion of projects. Strict quality control procedures and responsive customer service have earned the devotion of a broad base of clients. When the need for environmental testing or consulting arises, property owners know that Barr & Clark will provide them with a 1st quality, integrated, and cost effective strategy.

Our Insurance Information:

Insurance Company:
American Safety Indemnity Company

Commercial General Liability
$ 1,000,000.00 each occurrence

$ 2,000,000.00 aggregate

Professional Liability

$1,000,000.00 Claims Made Basis
(Copies of insurance binders may be obtained upon request.)